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Maximising Maths - 5

24 April 2018 @ 09:15 - 12:15
These important sessions will explore how the features of Mastery Mathematics impact on learning and how we can utilise them to their best effect. We will consider the strategies which have the greatest impact on learning, thus increasing your pupils’ understanding. The sessions will draw on the latest research and best practice. Practical activities will provide delegates with opportunities to deepen their mathematical understanding and to trial them in the classroom. Strategies will particularly help with those pupils who can find mathematics challenging.

Autumn Term

Understanding Concrete Pictorial Abstract

to aid conceptual understanding and fluency

                 Friday 3rd November & Tuesday 5th December 2017, 9.15-12.15


The series of sessions will begin by exploring the key features of Mastery mathematics and the implications for teachers, particularly in terms of pedagogical knowledge. The first session will then explore the importance of using concrete – pictorial – abstract links correctly.  This knowledge will be built on in the second session and will enable participants having explored the ideas in their classrooms to feedback and to deepen their thinking through further consideration of this important topic.



                                                                 Spring Term

Using the Bar Model to aid understanding and problem solving

Tuesday 30th January & Tuesday 20th February 2018, 9.15-12.15

The spring term sessions will begin with a review of the features of Mastery Mathematics which impact on outcomes, deepening our understanding of the implications for our day to day teaching.  We will then consider how the bar modelling approach can be introduced to aid problem solving and enable to pupils to have a deeper conceptual understanding. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about and explore this strategy in their own classroom environment, before exploring it at a deeper level in the second session.


Summer Term

The Connectedness of Mathematics

Tuesday 24th April & Tuesday 12th June 2018, 9.15-12.15


 The summer sessions will consider the importance in Mastery Teaching of having knowledge of the connectedness of mathematics and how to utilise this in your planning and teaching.  We will highlight the most common misconceptions that are observed in the classroom which can reduce pupils’ understanding and progress.


 We will explore and learn about:-


  • ‘connectedness’ in Mathematics

  • how this impacts on learning

  • what we mean by deep and surface understanding

  • the implications  for our teaching

  • common misconceptions


Cost:  £65 Alliance Member £70 Non-member per session.  £60 per session if all 6 booked together (£360)


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