Primary NQT Support and Induction

All newly qualified teachers must be registered with an appropriate body so that they can complete their statutory induction year. The West Herts Teaching Schools Partnership is an experienced appropriate body, fully able to support you and your NQTs.


Why register with us?

The West Hertfordshire Teaching Schools Partnership is a very experienced DfE designated appropriate body for registering, assessing and accrediting primary and

Secondary NQTs.


Why choose us?

· We provide an experienced high quality induction and support for all NQTs and their mentors.

· NQTs and mentors are provided with a handbook and all supporting documentation for a successful induction.

· A named point of contact is provided for any NQTs causing concern.

· On-going support for mentors and schools is an integral part of our offer.

· We offer a range of enrichment training opportunities throughout the year on all aspects of  teaching  in your first year including 

  our popular  ‘’have a life and teach too ‘’ course


West Herts Primary Induction Programme

To compliment NQT Induction, the Teaching School offers an excellent professional development opportunity for Primary NQTs. This well established and highly regarded programme is based on 6 full-day training sessions across the year, either as a package or as standalone sessions if you prefer, held at Bovingdon Primary Academy. Subjects covered in depth include:

*Maths *English *Science *PE *Subject Leadership *Curriculum Design (foundation subjects)  


NQT Appropriate Body: £299 1st 2 NQTs, 3rd and subsequent £199

NQT Appropriate Body AND 6 full day sessions: £790 1st 2 NQTs, 3rd and subsequent £590

NQT 6 full day sessions only: £495 1st 2 NQTs, 3rd and subsequent £395

NQT 1 full day session of your choice: £90

children reading

What our NQTs say

It is so useful to have the opportunity to discuss and brainstorm with teachers in the same year groups.” .

After coming to this session I feel my planning will improve, thinking carefully about short activities to carefully manage behaviour.

This session was great, allowed me to really reflect on my own teaching. I will take lots back to school with me.

I feel I have developed strategies for improved learning and behaviour, especially pace of lesson.

It was really beneficial to observe a lesson and learn how activities I am conducting are appropriate and beneficial.