NQT Flying Start Training Programme

To complement the NQT Induction, the Teaching School provides an excellent professional development opportunity for Primary NQTs. This programme is based on 6 full-day training sessions. These sessions will also provide opportunities for support, developing subject knowledge and essential reflection.


1. Maths

  • Guidance and support to plan, deliver and differentiate the new maths curriculum across key stages
  • Gather an increased awareness of how to incorporate problem solving into daily teaching
  • Identify real life and cross curricular links in maths
  • Use  questioning to develop higher order thinking


2. English

  • Guidance and support to integrate all aspects of the new curriculum into daily, weekly and longer term planning
  • How to differentiate writing and grammar activities throughout the whole teaching sequence
  • How to effectively model writing through an integrated teaching sequence aimed to accelerate progress
  • Explore common barriers to writing and how to overcome them  

3. Science

  • Guidance and support to plan, deliver and differentiate the new science curriculum across key stages
  • Exploring how to plan and teach engaging and innovative SC1 lessons that encourage independent leaning
  • Developing children’s enquiry skills through questioning and challenge
  • Making cross curricular links in science teaching





  • Develop an increased understanding of how to organise lessons and resources
  • Gain knowledge of what a high quality PE lesson looks like
  • Learn a range of strategies and techniques for promoting good behaviour within lessons
  • Develop an ability to identify, break down and teach discrete skills within lessons
  • Develop dance ideas that boys and girls can enjoy 


Curriculum Design - Foundation Subjects

  • Develop confidence in the teaching of Foundation Subjects
  • Explore the design of a broad and balanced curriculum
  • Develop engaging ideas for teaching Foundation Subjects
  • Making cross curricular links to enhance learning


  • Develop the skills to lead a subject effectively
  • Create and follow a monitoring framework that leads to continuous improvement across a subject
  • Coach others to reflect on their practice
  • Develop skills needs to provide effective feedback to improve teaching and learning
  • Develop strategies needed to write a subject evaluation form that both reports and supports 



  • Classroom environment – simple top tips on how to make it inclusive
  • Identifying  features of effective inclusive teaching 
  • What you do to include all learners
  • Strategies for dealing with the behaviours  not the child
  • How to get the best out of your SENCO  and  outside agencies
  • Common forms of SEND, how to identify them and adapt teaching to encourage successful learning


WELLBEING-Facilitated by Dr Emma Kell, author of 'How to Survive in Teaching'.

  • The session is informed by years at the chalk face, with plenty to celebrate and plenty to learn from, and extensive research. 
  • She acknowledges the challenges that exist in our current education system and suggests tried and tested ways through them. 
  • There are chances to share your experiences with one another, chances to laugh (because it’s important never to take ourselves TOO seriously) and chances to cry if you need to.
  • The aim of the session is to help you build upon your existing range of strategies to help you survive – and thrive – in our wonderful profession.



  • Learn how to build positive professional relationship Prepare for ‘classroom door’ and Parent Consultation discussions
  • Reflect on how to build good working relationships with colleagues within your team to create a rich and inspiring learning environment for your pupils
  • Understand how to create the right environment for successfully managing difficult discussions to enable positive outcomes
  • Have the opportunity to exchange ideas, experience and expertise


READING-Half day

  • Look at a range of strategies to support their teaching of reading 
  • Learn how to put a significant emphasis on children experiencing a wide range of texts, including moving image and digital.
  • Look at developing reading for purpose and pleasure, and how to introduce children to more challenging texts as well as focus on word reading skills.
  • Developing motivation to read, develop both the skill and the will. 
  • We will also look at the CLPE Reading Scales


COST: £450 if the NQT is registered with us for their induction, £480 for the 6 full day Flying Start Programme only or book any of the sessions as a standalone course for £90 for a full day or £55 for a half day.


  • "It is so useful to have the opportunity to discuss and brainstorm with teachers in the same year groups"
  • "After coming to this session I feel my planning will improve, thinking carefully about short activities to carefully manage behaviour"
  • "This session was great, allowed me to really reflect on my own teaching. I will take lots back to school with me"
  • "I feel I have developed strategies for improved learning and behaviour, especially pace of lesson"
  • "It was really beneficial to observe a lesson and to learn how activities I am conducting are appropriate and beneficial "