We have successfully managed School Centred Initial Teacher Training courses for 13 years and have a proven track record of high employment and career progression.  Our partner schools are in and around Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Northamptonshire. 

We believe that trainees emerging from our programmes have highly developed practical skills and, in our experience, have a deeper understanding of schools and how they are organised.  Our courses are highly effective in nurturing the talents of future generations of outstanding teachers. 

We believe in fostering reflective, self-assured trainees who are confident in questioning and rationalising their progress and ability as teachers.  Trainee experiences and learning are designed to meet individual needs from the start of the course, so encouraging trainees to progress quickly and effectively into proficient teachers. 

Trainees will be trained in a highly supportive and aspirational environment, and will develop the rigour, professional knowledge, understanding and skills necessary for teaching.

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