Claire Hawtin

ITT Lead

After beginning a teaching career in Somerset, Claire moved to Hertfordshire where she gained over fifteen years of experience as a class teacher. During this time she has been a subject leader in literacy, mathematics and physical education. In addition, she has successfully mentored a great number of NQTs and trainee teachers.

In 2003, she became an Advanced Skills teacher with a specialism in teaching and learning. This role gave her the opportunity to work in a range of schools across the county and experience a wide variety of leadership styles. Now, as a Specialist leader of Education, she is able to utilise her coaching and facilitation skills to bring about sustainable improvements in teaching quality. Claire is also an accredited facilitator for the Outstanding Teacher Programme (OTP) and the Improving Teacher Programme (ITP). She is also currently a member of the school leadership team at Bovingdon Primary Academy and the NQT lead mentor.

In recent years she has enjoyed working for the West Herts Teaching Schools Partnership taking the lead in our mission to deliver outstanding school-led primary Initial Teacher Training. During this time we have worked in close partnership with the University of Nottingham, the University of Hertfordshire and the Pilgrim Partnership to provide the next generation of high calibre teachers. With an alliance of over sixty schools the Teaching School is able to deliver a wide range of experiences, and excellent mentor support, to fully prepare trainees for life in the classroom.

In addition to leading Initial Teacher Training, Claire has also been responsible for NQT development and support. This has involved delivering high quality training to newly qualified teachers and liaising with Hertfordshire schools to ensure that NQTs are well supported throughout their first year. To ensure the continuing success of our programme of NQT support, she has also devised and delivered training for new and experienced mentors.